What is Asset Tracking?

By placing radio frequency tags on assets (roll cages, paper reels, supermarket trolleys) creates a visible product that can be read and identified by using appropriately placed readers.

As above, when a vehicle enters a location (warehouse, car park), all assets can be detected and their GPS location verified. 

A motion sensor will recognise any moving assets in range of the vehicle. If the vehicle is out of range, the last reading from the GPS locator will provide a useful indicator of journey progress and status.

RTLS has installed tracking solutions in several distribution centres where there is a need to verify the number of active roll cages for daily usage.

RTLS can monitor also the delivery schedule and verify both delivery time and location.
A significant advantage of asset visibility is the recovery of roll cages and theft prevention.

We live in a fast moving, connected world. The sooner we get total visibility of assets, the better.