Real Time Temperature Monitoring

​​RTLS has developed a water monitoring system for use in hotels, hospitals and care homes  to alert if the temperature of any single tap within the building drops below a certain temperature. 

Historical real time data can be viewed showing the temperature of individual taps over time.

Tap Temperature, conductivity and pH values of water can be monitored using RTLS proprietary wireless sensors and remote monitoring software.

The system is used also to ensure water tank and tap temperatures remain within  health guidelines to prevent a risk of water borne disease.

The Benefits

  • Stock maintained at the right temperature to maintain quality.

  • Edible stock always safe

  • No more time lost time undertaking manual checks

  • No more manual data input – live records

  • Gain control over efficiency

  • Improve process efficiency – know when the asset has arrived to reduce waiting times

  • Reduce downtime/maintenance costs – integrate locations to the maintenance programme, know when tyres should need changing
  • Automated compliance