SigFox Asset Tracking

​​RTLS  has installed tracking solutions in several distribution centres where there is a need to locate where rollcages have been dropped. 
RTLS uses the SigFox network combined with a low power self charging GPS unit to locate vehicles and the dropped location of cages using GeoFencing technology
A significant advantage of asset visibility is the recovery of returnable transport items  and theft prevention.

What does it do?
The unit can pinpoint the location of the trailer, container or any other non-powered asset and report this back to the RTLS tracking software.

How does it Work?
The unit is a battery powered GPS unit which transmits its data using the SigFox network multiple times per hour, not once per day like other systems. There are four solar panels installed on the unit which charges the battery and these batteries can last ten years+.

What are the Benefits?
Unlike traditional GPS tracking units which need to be connected to the battery of a vehicle the RTLS Energy Harvesting GPS unit has its own small battery and recharging hardware.

  • The unit is self contained and just needs to be attached to the asset.

  • Data is transmitted using the SigFox network rather than using mobile GSM SIM card which requires less power giving a better battery life.
Lost Assets
Lost assets can be located.

Availability and Utilisation
Ensuring assets are at the correct depot or port can
be simplified as the location of the fleet of assets is known at all times.

Asset Servicing
Trailers need to be checked every 6 weeks under
legislation, knowing where they are helps!

Units are rented and a monthly charge is
made for the device and data access including all hosting.