creating smart solutions for smart applications
what we provide
  1. innovative technology
    innovative technology
  2. turnkey solutions
    turnkey solutions
  1. asset tracking
    asset tracking
  2. machine monitoring
    machine monitoring
  1. creative design
    creative design
  2. partnerships
our mission
Real Time Logistics Solutions Ltd (RTLS) was formed in 2001 as a technology company with emphasis upon asset management, smart sensor development, reusable core technology, OEE monitoring and IoT infrastructure. 

From a strategic perspective, RTLS is focused upon the direction and support for future technology and service provision within manufacturing, retail and health care sectors.   

Our objective is to develop an active dialogue with selected partners to monitor productivity, develop smart applications, maximise process efficiency and focus upon lower waste as part of our circular economy. 

Our mission is to meet the future industry requirements by use of innovative technology and creative design.

Peter Milton
Managing Director